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Portable Phoropter Stands
Please let us know if you need additional information on any of these instruments or any that are not seen here.
Missionary and Volume Discounts available...

Phoropters $2,495.00
Auto Refractor $3,495.00      Auto Ref.~Keratometer $4,995.00
Perkins Tonometer $950.00
Slit Lamp $2,995.00
Electric Table $550.00
App. Tonometer & 3 Prisms $550.00

Portable Hand Held
Slit Lamp $2,695.00

Muisano USA, Inc.
Harlingen TX 78552  956-783-1810  muisano@aol.com   muisano.net

Prices and Modifications subject to change without previous notice - Warranties must adhere to company policy - 30 money back guarantee
Auto Projector $1,195.00
Auto Lensmeter $1,995.00
Lesmeter $595.00

Carrying Case for Phoropter $225.00
Prices for other instruments and finishing benches upon request jcadena@aol.com